an arbit post!

An arbit post! After a looong time! Times have been changing! From my yesteryears of college days to today of working hours. Yesterday was the first Pragyan in my last 4 years that I didnt attend! Why I didn't go could be a stupid reason but a rational one. So unlike me! And then the last weekend. Saying out something that you always wanted to say to a dear one is always relieving. After a while you may think that maybe you should not have said / done so. But I believe in living in the world knowing that I did whatever I could. If something went wrong then maybe it was my mistake or maybe none of my fault. But anygiven day its far better than living in the world thinking what if I would ve done so. Had it be any different? This thought of 'maybe it would ve been different if I would ve done so' is the most killing one. I believe in action. Do what you want to do. Be ready to face all its consequences. Don't just sit there wondering if you should do something or not! I do so in each and everything except for one thing - whenever the question pertains to a member of the opposite sex, then you can count on me to take forever to get out of the loop as to whether I should or whether I should not! Though I ve been working upon it lately and I think I ve overcome the sole indecision factor to a greater extend. Still many a times I think that maybe I shouldn't have said so to her. But then that wouldn't ve been me right? I am what I am. And you need to accept me in my entirety. With my flaws and failures.
Its funnily weird yet a well known strange fact that writing/talking/blogging out helps your to vent out. I wanted to say something! Twitter was a bit short. FB and gtalk - too many people. So here I am. In my new home. Talking out to the world. cheers!

Written on March 1, 2010