eye openers at @indiblogger meet #kyra #indiblr

2010-02-21 09:42:37 +0000

Second in the series on the indiblogger meet at Kyra in Bangalore on February 21, 2010.
This is my second live blogging opportunity. My first live blogging opportunity was way baack in college during a meet discussing something for pragyan 08!
Okay, while the introduction continues, the one thing that rather one person that left me speechless for a couple of seconds was the blind blogger! Yes, as the name suggests thats his nick for no small reason. He indeed is blind.
Am speechless. Looking forward to have a conversation with him and then update more over here.

Also, there is this youngest guy over here, who (un)fortunately has been introduced to blogging by a MSIE fan :! :P

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@Indiblogger meet at Kyra

2010-02-21 09:20:21 +0000

okay.. so the bloggers meet at Kyra in bangalore has started..
The meet started with the introduction of the indiblogger team, followed by intro from the various bloggers who have conjured here for the meet.
People bragging about their blogs. People who are good at writing but maybe not all that great a speaker (I am neither :P)
Some people are good at speaking and am sure their writing will be a pleasure to read!

Various people described their blogs in their own words.
But the one description that drew the maximum attention was ..
"I dont have a blog".. Yeah! That was Murali!
Murali is here to learn and be inspired by the nuisance of the bloggers :)

The wide variety of bloggers can still be aggregated withing a range of people writing upon tech, music, personal, poetry, anything and everything and nothing!

While people are busy introducing themselves, the self-professed photographers are busy clicking the meet :)

Lots of tweeples are also here. Notably, Lord Dhempe, tinucherian, ashwinsid, Santhosp, tweepak (and myself :P )

ANd the beer has started to flow :D
That was the introductory post.. more (along with pics ) coming in soon ! :D

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Yahoo! Microsoft deal signed and approved!

2010-02-18 18:32:41 +0000

The Yahoo! Microsoft Search deal has finally been signed and approved by the respective regulators. Quoting the official press release

they have received clearance for their search agreement, without restrictions, from both the U.S. Department of Justice and the European Commission, and will now turn their attention to beginning the process of implementing the deal.

Yahoo twitter account sent out this retweet of yahoosearch.

Shashi Seth, Senior Vice President, Yahoo! Search Products who recently joined Yahoo! from Google, said in the official Yahoo! Search blog

With Microsoft providing us the underlying list of search results, our Yahoo! team can now focus on making the overall experience of finding stuff online and getting things done easier for you – whether you’re searching at yahoo.com or just looking for specific information in the moment while using our many great products and properties on any device.

The Y! Corp Blog lists out the above and some more useful websites about the deal:

The Search Alliance home page strongly says

A powerful new choice in search is coming

The transition is supposed to be done by 2010 end or 2011 early beginning.

Our aim is a high quality transition of advertisers and partners in at least the US prior to the 2010 holiday season. However, we may wait until 2011 if we determine this will be more effective.

Watch on!

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How to add or create a new group in FreeBSD ?

2010-02-18 11:10:01 +0000

To create a new group in *nix machines, you can use
You need to be root to use this.

However, in FreeBSD, this option doesnt exist.
In a FreeBSD machine, you need to edit /etc/group file to add a new group.
or you can use pw command to the same effect.


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Setting up your website/blog using wordpress on a slicehost slice!

2010-02-17 17:20:44 +0000

Let me tell you what all am I gonna tell you in this blog today.
I am going to share my experience of buying my first domain, my first webhost and setting up a wordpress blog on it. This will be a beginners guide to setup these services on slicehost. Also how to enable pretty urls on it.
The first step is deciding upon your domain name. There are various domain registrars on the net. I chose Go Daddy because of it being a well known name in the business. The previous domain registrar I had dealt with for a college related domain seems to have shut shop these days. Anyways, go to Go Daddy and search for your preferred domain name under your preferred TLD or Top Level Domain. The last part in a websites URL is the TLD. I chose .info as my TLD, cost being the primary reason. As of today, .info domains are available for about $1.07, about INR 50/- only. The more common TLDs like .com retail for a minimum of Rs.200-300 INR. I chose anshprat.info. It was available. GoDaddy quotes it as $0.89, but with ICANN( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) registration charges and taxes, it comes upto $1.09. You can buy it then and there using credit card. Godaddy also provides webhosting solutions but I was interested in a webhosting solutin that will give me a root terminal. This is available only in cloud webhostings and VPS.A virtual private server (VPS, also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS) is a method of splitting a server. Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted.
So after I was done with my domain name, it was time to buy a webhost. I had already shortlisted slicehost after much discussion and debate. In between I had veered towards the cloud offering from Rackspace , the parent company of slicehost. It was cheaper except that the $5 something cost was exclusive of bandwidth charges. The Slicehost 256 slice offers you 256MB RAM, 10GB storage, 100GB bandwidth at a cost of $20 per month. Buying it and creating the first slice is very simple. Its a very simple click next, accept terms and conditions, fill your details, choose the distro to be installed on the slice, and you are done! Slicehost offers a multitude of distros. I chose Fedora 12 and the total space for installation was some 700 MB.

Now I need to associate my domain name to my slicehost slice. When you type in anshprat.info in your browser, the Internet should bring you to my new web home right? GoDaddy provides for DNS solution using Total DNS I just need to change my ip address listed in there to the slicehost ip. All these details (ip etall) are provided to you and mailed to your email while setting up the slice.
To configure your ip in the TotalDNS, login to your godaddy account. Go to My Account. Click on advanced details next to your domain name. You ll see a dashboard with lots of information. Click on Total DNS Control. Here you can edit the ip address next to @ in A name records to your slicehost ip. If you want to add a subdomain (blog.anshprat.info), just add a new A name record as blog. (note the . after blog) in the zone file.

The default installation of fedora on slicehost did not have a apache server or php or mysql.

do the following:
(root password)
yum install apache mysql mysql-server phpmyadmin

This should take care of that.
to start apache on fedora: service httpd start
to start mysql server: service mysqld start
you need to change the root password of mysql.
The first start of mysql will tell you how to change the mysql root password. If you are not comfortable with mysql commandline, use phpmyadmin to change the root password and delete the other users with global select privileges.

To access phpmyadmin in browser, you need to change

order deny,allow
deny from none
allow from all

in /etc/httpd/conf.d/phpMyAdmin.conf

Also, iptables/firewall is enabled by default. You can either configure it or completely turn it off.
service iptables stop
chkcofig iptables off (to disable it from starting on reboot).

if you want to stat httpd/apache and mysql on reboot by themselves,
run the following command.
chkconfig mysqld on
chkconfig httpd on

Now to setup a new wordpress installation. Create your mysql db, username and password. (you can use phpmyadmin).
Download wordpress.
do these as root. (su)
unzip/untar and put it in your document root (/var/www/html).
cd /var/www/html
chown -R apache:apache *

Now you can access your wordpress from your domain name in browser.
The install should be pretty simple.

How to configure pretty url in wordpress.

To enable pretty url in your wordpress, you need to add a lil to your httpd.conf

You need to change

AllowOverride FileInfo

in your directive in httpd.conf found in /etc/httpd/conf folder.

Restart apache.

service httpd restart.

Then login to your wordpress install.
Go to Settings -> Permalinks in the right hand menu bar.
Change the settings from default to anyother of your choice. I prefer Day and Name.

Phew! That was a long post!

So what all did I tell you?
I told you how to buy a domain from godaddy.com
How to get a slice from slicehost.com
How to point your domain name to your slice ip in your GoDaddy TotalDNS.
How to install apache, mysql and phpmyadmin in fedora in slicehost.
How to install wordpress on slicehost.
And how to configure pretty url on wordpress!

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My new home...!!

2010-02-16 14:15:23 +0000

Hi Guys!

I ve finally moved to my new web home! But why the need to move to a new home? Well, my first move off blogspot to wordpress was cause of SEO reasons. And to try out new open source code. I learned a lot with wordpress.com. There was a time when I was ecstatic whenever my blog will ve double digits visitors. Today its a daily phenomenon. The next thing that has been in my mind for quite sometime was monetization of the blog. Unfortunately the wordpress.com blog won't allow me to put ads in there. And you can't make money without putting in some! (Not always though :P ) So the next logical step was to buy my own domain and a webspace and to get going. Other reasons to have my own webspace was the need of a webserver to try out various net related APIs which make use of an API key. Such keys /technologies often require the presence of a domain name for return/verification purpose. Example : OpenID return urls. The free webspaces offered by many webhostings come with the rider of ads! And they wont allow you to put your own ads! Damn it man, thats what I need! And these free webhosting services wont give you root access either! So I opted in for slicehost.com. At $20 per month, the basic 256MB Slice meets our purpose. Our? There are three of us; me, Sahil and Ankit. Well I got the slicehost slice, setup was very easy. Just click next next next and your are done. I bought my domain (anshprat.info) from godaddy.com for $1.07! A steal at any given day! Configuring the DNS was not all that bad if you leave it to the default Total DNS with godaddy and just change the required ip.
Well, so thats the primary reason for me moving off my wordpress.com account! Though I realised that account is still useful! I needed the API key for the Akismet (Anti Spam) and Stats Plugins!
Hope to put up some ads here pretty soon and earn some cash! Hope to breakeven pretty soon!

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