Blogging from mobile

I am kinda late to the mobile blogging scene, owing to slow gprs speed, missing 3g connection and a mobile device with wifi connection (well I had the ipad for about 6 months now but guess I was lazy). So now that I ve 3g on my nexus s (not to forget wifi on it as well) , I ve now installed WordPress for android on it. I can immediately see the pros n cons of it. Pros - blogging on the move.  Cons - the linking to other pages etc would be more cumbersome as you can't just open a tab, copy a link and paste. A big major pros is the auto suggest and auto correct that you get on all mobile phones. Well... I guess am gonna be happy about it...

UPDATE: I opened the post in my laptop browser to add the android marketplaces link. Guess, mobile blogging will take sometime before its my first choice. I ll try it from my ipad as well. Somehow it appears as if thats gonna be more intuitive.

Written on August 14, 2011