Drinks, Food, Music @ Plus91, Bangalore!

Last sunday, on April 7th, 2013, I had the opportunity to attend a bloggers-cum-food review meet at the newly opened Plus91 Cafe Bar, a food and drinks place that call themselves a Fast Food Restaurant, Snack Place and a Café , rightly so. This is another venture from the JSM Corporation Pvt Ltd, the same group that brings HRC, Shiro and CPK amongst others to you.

Considering the heat that Bangalore is facing this year, we started off with a very nice range of mocktails and cocktails including Virgin Mojitos, Virgin Mary, Pina Coladas and Long Island Iced teas. There are few places in bangalore which do a decent LIT and I guess the one at Plus91 is decent enough. We then started with a wide variety of starters ranging from a choice of street foods like pani puri, some chaats and miniature masala papads to veg and non-veg dishes including nachos, baby-corn and chicken preparations. All of them were mouth watering delicious. A special mention to the presentation where they were served in plates which looked like leaf mouldings. For the non-vegetarians, the Buffalo Chicken Wing at this place should be a must try! These were definitely one of the best ones I had in a long time in Bangalore, juicy, rich, succulent ones! Once we were done with the starters and the drinks, it was time for the real deal, the main course. We went in for the various sizzlers including a veg sizzler (a first for me), beef sizzler, chicken sizzler. The sizzlers were pretty good and are definitely worth a visit (and re-visits!)

By now, we were all pretty full, but there is always some place for desserts. We had Gulab Jamuns for desserts and it was one of the pleasant surprises I had. Usually its difficult to find a good "Gulab Jamun" when you go to any "big" place or chain. Not that they are bad, but they are not the desi, Indian feeling Gulab Jamuns. Some are either too big, or too small, or too soft or too sweet. But for once, the one at Plus91 were just perfect! I might already ve been intoxicated by all the fabulous food maybe, but it was the perfect end to a wonderful afternoon! To end it all, nothing else could surmise it up better than this tweet of mine...

Am definitely looking forward to visit this place soon with friends, family and loved ones!

[caption width="500" align="alignnone"] Wired Up![/caption]

[caption width="500" align="alignnone"] Long Island Iced Tea[/caption]

[caption width="500" align="alignnone"] Baby Corn! And the leaf shaped moulded plate.[/caption]

[caption width="500" align="alignnone"] Ye Nachos mujhe de de Thakur![/caption]

[caption width="500" align="alignnone"] Me enjoying the sizzling sizzlers (L) with Santosh(R)[/caption]

[caption width="500" align="alignnone"] the delicious gulab jamun![/caption]

[caption width="500" align="alignnone"] And finally the bloggers/tweeple ![/caption]
PS: All photos thanks to @uniqgeek's post.

More pics at this facebook page.

Written on April 11, 2013