Easy git rebase using reset

I have tried my hands at git rebase a couple of times at Aerospike and Reliance. However I never was able to get it done nicely. Almost always, the requirement is to squash the intermediate git commit messages while retaining the actual work done.

For example, from:

commit 1 - This should work
commit 2 - oops, fixed
commit 3 - really fixed it now!
commit 4 - minor typo


commit 1 - This should work
commit 2 - working final

I was suggested one easy way by Dan Bode in this comment and this way almost always works. (I am yet to come across a way when it would fail but maybe coz I am no longer doing merges inbetween of the commits)

Here is the suggestion provided by Dan:

git log # to find the commit before where you start
git reset <that_commit>
git add; git commit # recommit your code as a new commit
git push --force # force push that commit to this branch

the other option is to do a interactive rebase using git rebase -i and squash all the commits to a single commit

Maybe I was not doing the rebase correctly (yeah I almost always squashed everything and ended with conflicts and the conflicts resolutin took me back to old state or divergence).

Till I figure out how to do rebase correctly (if I really need that again), the above is good enough for my usecase.

Written on May 19, 2015