Fuzzy Logic :!


If you are here to find out what fuzzy logic is all about, you are better off to wikipedia. I am just going to post here something that I am feeling these days.

So far in my life, I ve been a person of extreme values. Am not a man enough yet. Am still a growing person. I love 1 and 0. All things should ve only these two values. But life ain't like that. Right now am stuck between here and there in the middle of nowhere. Its all so fuzzy :! No discreet value. Right now am about in a state which can't be described by either dilemma or confusion. Both these words are used when you ve a set of options and you need to choose between them. I am in a state where I dont know what needs to be done. Its either something new or continue on the path I ve been. But in my path, I ve heard "I don't know what to do" a lot many times. I was wondering if that means I am continuously doing things wrong. Then a friend(make that two of them) suggested that mostly it could be that I am doing the same mistakes again and again. Well, that sounds like me. I am quick to learn from my mistakes. Except for this one situation.

So now, either its again on the same road, doing the same thing all over again, maybe repeating the same mistake, though this time it could be worse.

Ok, some more and maybe many more and maybe no other thoughts left around. Again, no words to explain this situation. Better get back to work.

Written on November 25, 2010