My new home...!!

Hi Guys!

I ve finally moved to my new web home! But why the need to move to a new home? Well, my first move off blogspot to wordpress was cause of SEO reasons. And to try out new open source code. I learned a lot with There was a time when I was ecstatic whenever my blog will ve double digits visitors. Today its a daily phenomenon. The next thing that has been in my mind for quite sometime was monetization of the blog. Unfortunately the blog won't allow me to put ads in there. And you can't make money without putting in some! (Not always though :P ) So the next logical step was to buy my own domain and a webspace and to get going. Other reasons to have my own webspace was the need of a webserver to try out various net related APIs which make use of an API key. Such keys /technologies often require the presence of a domain name for return/verification purpose. Example : OpenID return urls. The free webspaces offered by many webhostings come with the rider of ads! And they wont allow you to put your own ads! Damn it man, thats what I need! And these free webhosting services wont give you root access either! So I opted in for At $20 per month, the basic 256MB Slice meets our purpose. Our? There are three of us; me, Sahil and Ankit. Well I got the slicehost slice, setup was very easy. Just click next next next and your are done. I bought my domain ( from for $1.07! A steal at any given day! Configuring the DNS was not all that bad if you leave it to the default Total DNS with godaddy and just change the required ip.
Well, so thats the primary reason for me moving off my account! Though I realised that account is still useful! I needed the API key for the Akismet (Anti Spam) and Stats Plugins!
Hope to put up some ads here pretty soon and earn some cash! Hope to breakeven pretty soon!

Written on February 16, 2010