How to add subdomain in slicehost dns

How to setup dns in slicehost?
Create the dns for your primary domain name using the setup as provided by slicehost.

Once you have a proper working domain name configured on your slicehost,
to add a sub-domain,

login to slicehost admin
Go to DNS tab.
Click on records next to your domain name.
Create a new record
Type A
Name yourSubdomain. <-- Note the last (dot). its compulsory
Data - your ip address to where you want to point your subdomain to. Most probably you want it to point to your slicehost ip itself.
change TTL if you want to.
Create record.
Now you have yourSubdomain.yourDomain up and running.

PS: Am assuming you are using your slicehost dns as your primary dns.

Written on February 24, 2010