How to earn Fedora Badges?

Fedora recently launched, a recognition system that awards badges based upon certain activities that you do within the Fedora Infrastructure Environment.

I have recently been working with the Fedora Infrastructure and came to know about the badges. Needless to say I was excited and wanted some of my own.

First step to be a part of the Fedora infrastructure is to have a Fedora Account System account. You can signup for it at

Once you have created your account, you should add a secret question to your account. This will earn you

Adding your timezone to your account profile earns you the

By adding your ssh or GPG key to your account, you can earn the

Accepting the FPCA (Fedora Project Contributor Agreement) earns you the

To earn the , you need to create your User twiki page on the Fedora twiki. Mine is at

Editing 10 times on the Fedora twiki earns you the

Participating in one of the Fedora meetings in #fedora-meeting in earns you a!

This is a brief overview of how to earn some of the badges. I will be updating soon with more badges and more details on the the steps mentioned above.

You can see all the badges at

And the badges I have earned so far at :

Written on September 15, 2013