How to stop auto selection of preferred network operator in android or set manual operator selection.

I was hunting for this question for the past few days, ever since I enabled 3G on my nexus S vodafone connection. The phone would use auto PRL (preferred Roaming List) to switch over the network with better connection. In my case I was getting two vodafone networks. While I could always receive calls and messages, I could never send a message or make a call unless I reselected the other network.

To avoid this, and cases like these , you need to switch off automatically select prefereed network.

The way to do this is

dial *#*#4636#*#*

click Phone Info -> Set preferred network type -> GSM only (or CDMA if you are using CDMA).

The important thing here is not to use any auto or PRL settings.

And voila, now your android phone will only use manual network operator, just like the golden times...

Written on August 13, 2011