And I ve moved, again..

And its time again for the next @indiblogger meetup.

And this meetup prompted me to get my blog up and running again :P I ve moved from slicehost to the parent company rackspace owing to

  • lesser cost
  • Upcoming ipv6 support

Even though slicehost itself is about to integrate into the rackspace infrastructure, meaning slicehost will be moving to rackspace cloud and will be charging similar prices, I, as always, being impatient couldn't wait and moved :P


I guess the downside of that being that I had to manually move and setup everything myself. Vs maybe slicehost and rackspace would ve provided moving support had I waited for them :P


but anyways, its the next @indiblogger meetup about the samsung galaxy tab that has got me interested in blogging again. I ve my exams in the next week and I woke up this morning with intent to read, but I took the wrong step of opening up twitter. One thing lead to another and here I am blogging. But considering that the entire thing happened in less than two hours, I think it was a pretty efficient usage of time. Time to get ready for office, and then back and then try to study and blog and tweet and all as usual :)

Good thing be that grandmom aka amma is here now. So I dont ve to worry about dining plans :)

PS: There is a new domain as well, Right now and both point to the same site. Maybe I ll merge, maybe I ll let it be.

And the new site is called muddle-muggle. Muddle - coz of the ever presence confusion. Muggle - coz I wish I was a wizard, or atleast had some super powers :P

Written on August 8, 2011