India trending #princessSheeba

India has the count to make any topic trending on twitter! Be it #IPL #RCB #SachinIsGod #Satyanand #epicIndianAds or countless other such trending topics that pop up every other day!

Today's trending topic is #princessSheeba and right now am jobless enough to track it back to its origin! Well I do it for most trending topics but right now am jobless enough to blog about it :P
(well, actually the script is running in the screen and I can't do much about it atm :P )

So the first tweet about her was not today but 6 days back!

"2 yrs ago, I found this gem. Princess Sheeba - DEAR TO THE NEAR ONES and TERROR TO THE REAR ONES. m/"

Today, it was rediscovered by

And the first tweet with the #tag was

@manav84 Dude.. This is trend material... #PrincessSheeba

Lets see where this trend continue to!

PS: Have you ever noticed how all Indian trending topics are always on weekdays evening! (Needless to say why? ;)


Written on March 24, 2010