@Indiblogger meet at Kyra

okay.. so the bloggers meet at Kyra in bangalore has started..
The meet started with the introduction of the indiblogger team, followed by intro from the various bloggers who have conjured here for the meet.
People bragging about their blogs. People who are good at writing but maybe not all that great a speaker (I am neither :P)
Some people are good at speaking and am sure their writing will be a pleasure to read!

Various people described their blogs in their own words.
But the one description that drew the maximum attention was ..
"I dont have a blog".. Yeah! That was Murali!
Murali is here to learn and be inspired by the nuisance of the bloggers :)

The wide variety of bloggers can still be aggregated withing a range of people writing upon tech, music, personal, poetry, anything and everything and nothing!

While people are busy introducing themselves, the self-professed photographers are busy clicking the meet :)

Lots of tweeples are also here. Notably, Lord Dhempe, tinucherian, ashwinsid, Santhosp, tweepak (and myself :P )

ANd the beer has started to flow :D
That was the introductory post.. more (along with pics ) coming in soon ! :D

Written on February 21, 2010