Recently I ve been hearing a lot about ipv6. And rather I ve seen the crunch of ipv4 address in real life. And thats not the only reason why I want to forray into ipv6. Its like the hot thing am trying to get my hands on it right now.
So first and foremost I am trying to use ipv6 in my personal space. Maybe setup my home network on ipv6. And move my blog to a ipv6 host. I am looking for a ipv6 webhost service. The two options I ve found first hand are Hurricane Electric and a VPS provider - build your VPS .

Lets just say, this is the first in the series of upcoming posts about my forray into ipv6. Will keep updating things as and when they happen.
Things I want to do. -
1) Setup up my home network on a high speed wifi (802.11n router)
2) Have a public ipv6 hosted domain.

I guess its time to do what I love.

Anshu Prateek

Written on September 30, 2010