Lifetime Roadtax in Karnataka - rates - 2012

So I recentlty bought (or rather booked) my most expensive acquisition so far. A Volkswagen Polo 1.6L. Every dealer in bangalore was quoting a road tax of 15.4%. But no one was able to substantiate it on paper or from the official RTO site. In addition, there was a team-BHP thread where people talked about it being 13% + 10% cess on tax = 14.3% tax total. I also read the same initially, but then found out that the tax is rather 14% (as mentioned in the addendum) and cess 11% (not updated on site but checked with RTO official on phone).

So, if you are here to find out the road tax in karnataka, hit here:

I would ve updated the team BHP thread rather than putting a blog post here but team BHP wont accept my "registration". Your loss team BHP-ians.

Written on January 7, 2012