Scuba Diving at Netrani Islands, off Murudeshwar!

I went for a Scuba diving trip at Netrani Island, 10 nautical miles off the western coast of India from the city of Murudeshwar, KN. It was a weekend trip. The trip was organised by Bangalore Mountaineering Club BMC. We started at 10 from bangalore and reached Murudeshwar by 9 next morning. In between we stopped at Jog falls which was mostly reduced to a stream. There were 8 of us including the event co-ordinator. 2 more folks joined us later in Murudeshwar itself. We landed up at the RNS Highway , a good hotel 5 minutes drive from the beach. The charge is about Rs.450 for a non-AC double room whereas it is INR 1250 for an AC double room. After some initial freshening up and a light breakfast, we went for a training session in a pool. We spent some 3 hours in the pool learning various tips and related hand signals about scuba diving. After that we had a good lunch at an eatery called Park Groves nearby. Then we retired back to the hotel. We left for the beach in the evening. We visited the Shiva temple at the beach that boasts of the tallest shiva statue in the world. Its 123 feet or 37mts high. We also went atop the nearby 20 story Gopura, another tallest in world. The lift takes you upto 18 story. After that we spent some time off at the beach, had a good dinner at Kamath and then went back to hotel and hit the bed.

Next day we were up and on the beach by 8 am. After a light breakfast, we boarded the boat to Netrani Islands. There were two boats, one with us and the other with the scuba gear. We reached the island in around one hours time. There after we raced to go in for scuba diving followed by snorkelling in the calm waters. When you are in the deep sea, then only you really understand the meaning of a real deep blue sea!
The snorkelling and scuba diving were my first experience. Its simply awesome and amazing.

We started back for land around 3 and were back on dry grounds by 4.30. Thereafter we went back to hotel, freshened up and hit the road again after light snacks, We had dinner in the evening the city of sagar and we reached Bangalore by 7 early next morning!

It was an awesome weekend and a time to remember!

Written on June 5, 2010