Ship or a raft?

"I guess the moment you transform from a raft to a ship, the sailing becomes smooth, sometimes too smooth for those in it for the thrill."

This was a reply to my mail to one of my cousins. I was telling her how spending one year in Yahoo! has been a dream like. Almost everything the way you want it. However still something being amiss. The urgency, the pressure, the hand twisting is somehow amiss. And today I came across the blog of a five year old veteran of Yahoo!, who will be an ex-Yahoo! in another eight hours about his one year in Yahoo!

One of the lines from his post:

But I seem to crave for real work pressure. At the end of the day I just want to go home feeling happy that I made a difference.

And I can empathise with this condition. For me, that level of despair came in two steps. Despair is too strong a word in here but still.
The first one came in some three months after joining. It was too much like sunlab. For those who know me, you know what it means. The complete freedom to do whatever you want. Wrap up your work the way you want it, the way you like it.

And then, another six months down the lane, the realisation that I am getting too comfortable. There is absolutely no pain in here, no worries. But then, down the lane, it can't be good.

Yahoo! is too good a company. A dream to work with. It takes care of its employees the way your parents take care of you in college. You ve to work and yet you can have all the fun. See, how many students claim they managed to pass out of college without studying? Yet we know that they did study though maybe not to the full extent. They underperformed and yet graduated. Y! is a bit like that. Its resources are under-utilised. Unfortunately, the financial resources are a bit strained.

Maybe I am saying words I shouldn't. Lets see how things turn out few months down the lane.

Written on August 20, 2010