slicehost setup mysql beginners guide

Ok, so first and foremost about the heading. Its a direct search term that I got on this blog. I realised that even though I answered the query in this post, the user actually never got to see it. My bad!

Ok, assumption 1: You are using Fedora as your server distro. If you are using some other distro, please modify the yum commands as per your distro.
These steps can rather be used to set up a working LAMP
Type the following on your terminal

yum install apache mysql mysql-server phpmyadmin
service start mysqld
service start httpd

These will do the basics for you. You still wont be able to access your apache running on your host because of firewall/iptables.

referer to this post for further instructions on how to get it all up and running.

Written on February 22, 2010