Slicehost upgrades bandwidth and introduces new slices!

Slicehost, the webhost on which this blog is hosted have upgraded their basic slice features starting February 17, 2010. Now for a monthly charge of $20, you get 150GB of bandwidth. It was earlier 100GB per month. Similarly all other slices have been upgraded. Also they have introduced new slice sizes, which in their own words

to help with a smoother, more consistent upgrade path we are very pleased to offer our new 'Intermediate Slices'. They sit nicely between our most popular Slice sizes. We have introduced a 384Slice, a 768Slice, a 1.5GB Slice and a 3GB Slice.

The prices of the new Slices will also allow for an easier resize path - the new Slices start at just $25.

Also, slicehost now have started "Professional Services", which basically mean you pay them and they do whatever you want :)
The upgrades are in effect immediately. You can see your upgraded bandwidths at your slicehost manager

Written on February 22, 2010