The wrap up of a beginning! @indiblogger #indiblr meetup!

The Indiblogger meet at Kyra, bangalore sponsored by Kingfisher was a big hit!
The Kyra Theater was almost all jampacked, with all but few of the the 150 attendees being able to attend it. There were a couple of surprise visits also. I mentioned Murali in my last post, where he said "I am not a blogger". It so turned out that there were a couple of more people who were not bloggers but had tagged along with their blogger friends. Hope these guys get started with blogging soon!


Ok, now about two of the people about whom I mentioned in the last post.
First, the eye opener, the blind blogger who is just visually impaired - Raaghav .
This guy is a role model for people. Not just for visually impaired but for everyone!

The other one is Vivek, the youngest blogger out there in the meetup :)

Well, as always, time flies when its good times!
Before long it was 6 and we had to get out of Kyra!
Thanks a zillion to kingfisher, Kyra and the indiblogger team for the meetup!

Things to do: To write a about us page for the indiblogger team :D as a token of thanks and appreciation!

It was great meeting him and I hope to know and meet him more and then write up more about him!

Then there was this elderly person with Indirank 79! He had great words of wisdoms about blogging and also about indirank :P
Apparently "too many posts in a day to your blog are counted as null" by the indirank! :!


More Pics here :

Written on February 21, 2010