Time lag!

This thoughts been for a while in my mind! When you work for a US company, you come to know about happenings and holidays in the US before you come to know when is holi! The latest news piece that prompted me to come back to this particular train of thoughts is the news piece about the Playsation 3 time issue. The older PS3 (non-slim versions) considered 2010 as a leap year. As a result their time mismatched from the servers on the Playstation Network and some of the user data (trophies won etc) were unavailable/corrupted for some users. Even as we speak, Sony updated with the news and the fix (manually changing the date on PS to 1 March 2010 fixed the issue). However, many of the US news majors on the net are yet to catch up with the latest update and still running the news about the failure without the latest updates. It leads me to believe that the US night time news can be better handled by folks where its daytime. Interesting thought! Will any online News media try out the same?

So many times reading a particular news piece in the newspaper or watching it on the TV, I feel that ain't that a old news? Yeah, maybe coz being employed by an internet giant, I get to know News as it happens while the traditional media takes its own sweet time to comeup with the latest (err.. oxymoron? )!

Written on March 2, 2010