Unishire The Weave

In this post I am going to tell you about Unishire The Weave, which is an upcoming apartment project from Unishire Realtors Pvt. Ltd. It is situated off Thanisandra Road in Bangalore and my experience in booking the same.

I recently booked a 2BHK apartment in the above mentioned apartment. The deciding factor for me was the payment scheme.

There was a 10% downpayment scheme with the rest of 10% payable in two installments of 5% each payable in October 2014 and July 2015. Since I had booked in October, I ended up paying 15% as downpayment, but still the ability to pay the remaining 5% in July 2015 was a big plus. The downside being the possession of this project is scheduled to be late 2017 and I dont expect it to be ready before 2018. That too being optimistic.

As of date they have approvals only upto fourth floor. The rest of the approvals should be available by January 2015 end. (The earlier quoted date was Nov-Dec 2014 for rest of approvals).

The Unishire group is presently actively working upon its other two projects in Thannisandra, so guess they will only put complete dedication to this project once the other two are done.

I booked at the rate of 3750/- sq feet and have applied for home loan from HDFC.

Overall my experience with dealing the sales people has been nice and the concerned HDFC sales person also has been a pleasure to deal with. All paper work was done at my home/office.

This is the plot of the project as on Oct 19, 2014. Unishire The Weave


And here is the google maps location https://goo.gl/maps/3dUTI

Update: Oct 25, 2014 : Got a call from the Sales guy saying management is recommending ICICI since HDFC has apparently not released the money so far for the project. They will confirm to me on monday if I should go over to ICICI. I will go only if ICICI gives me zero processing fee since I have already paid the processing fee to HDFC (and the loan is in final stages of approval).

Written on October 23, 2014