Unishire The Weave - Jun 2015 update

In this post, I am going to tell you the story after the place where I left last.

The builder for a while seemed to sway away from HDFC and towards ICICI. The reason was apparent delay from HDFC in releasing no-pre EMI scheme funds. I agreed to using ICICI as long as I did not have to pay the processing fee. The builder agreed to take care of it. Then comes the ICICI agent. He tells me that co-applicant is mandatory and I cannot apply without a co-applicant. I did not want a co-applicant for the simplest reason to keep the paper work to minimal. I told him that HDFC processed it without a co-applicant. (As I found later, co-applicant is not at all mandatory). I asked the guy to show me the official rules where it was mentioned. I dont remember what he said, but it was to the effect that it was rules. I then told him that if so was the case then I will be unlikely to proceed with this application. And the guy said ok, sorry for wasting your time in a rude manner and then left.

After this, I called up my builder sales guy, who asked me to wait for a day as apparently the HDFC issue was coming to a solution. Few days later, he said that I can proceed with HDFC.

Few months later, in March, I get a mail from HDFC saying I should come for reimbursement the next day. The concerned HDFC person, Mr. Janardhana, who has been taking care of my paperwork from HDFC side also called me up to inform the same. He also told me about the required papers to bring along (checkbook and someother stuff, dont remember now). On the day of the disbursal, I took my checkbook out and kept it at the table. I then started for office. Later in the day, Mr. Jaardhana again called me to confirm that I was coming that day for disbursal. Thats when I realised and told him that I had forgotten the checkbook back at home. It was a busy day for me at office and was not possible for me to go home and get the checkbook. Mr. Janardhana was then kind enough to go and get the checkbook from my home and get it to me in my office! (My wife was at home to give him the checkbook). Talk about customer service. That was March 31st 2015!

After I got the checkbook, I started for HDFC office at 4.30. (My appointemnt was scheduled for 4.30 and its a 2 kms/5mins drive from my office to HDFC office). I reached there by 4.40, got lucky to get a parking within the office and then walked up to the first floor of the office. Had to wait for ~20-25 minutes before my turn came up for the disbursal. The paper work was taken care of, again a bunch of papers and a booklet to be signed and then I was handed over my check of 18Lakhs! Thats the largest check amount I have handled so far in my life.

I then dropped the check over at the builders office a few weeks later (the collection guy was on leave when I had asked them to come.) Also, I wanted to see the builder office as well. So it all worked out well.

Sometime in Feb end I had got the mail from the builder saying all approvals were now in place. Also, that I should arrange for the payment as per schedule for this.

Anyways, the excavation begun on 8th March.

Written on June 11, 2015