Vodafone 3g call woes - Solved!

This blog post is about my recent switch to Vodafone 3G and related experience. Or just related woes. Experience hasn't been much yet.

Vodafone finally launched 3G in bangalore (I think using Airtel infrastructure).

I had tested BSNL 3G earlier (pretty good) but wasn't ready to make a permanent switch to BSNL (number woes despite MNP). Also am quiet satisfied with Vodafone phone services.

Anyways, after I moved to 3G, I suffered a drastic setback. My calls wont be connected! Not dropped connections, but calls simply wont be connected. After I dial a number, it would just hang up in a matter of minutes. Everytime I would ve to reselect the Operator from the network menu. And somehow, the menu would always show two vodafone (and NO Airtel at all!).

I ve an android phone. And there was no simple way to select manual selection of operator explicitly ( I do miss the good old days of not so smartphones at times!).

I did tweet about my woes and VodafoneIN replied with a complaint number.

And on the sidelines, I found the solution, by mistake..

I selected "Use only 2G Network" and voila! All my calls were being connected at ease like before!

Guess this demonstrates the fact that Vodafone uses 3G using airtel network and since airtel becomes the preferred network, the outgoing calls have some issues.

Will debug more on this later in the week.

Written on August 19, 2011