Yahoo! Microsoft deal signed and approved!

The Yahoo! Microsoft Search deal has finally been signed and approved by the respective regulators. Quoting the official press release

they have received clearance for their search agreement, without restrictions, from both the U.S. Department of Justice and the European Commission, and will now turn their attention to beginning the process of implementing the deal.

Yahoo twitter account sent out this retweet of yahoosearch.

Shashi Seth, Senior Vice President, Yahoo! Search Products who recently joined Yahoo! from Google, said in the official Yahoo! Search blog

With Microsoft providing us the underlying list of search results, our Yahoo! team can now focus on making the overall experience of finding stuff online and getting things done easier for you – whether you’re searching at or just looking for specific information in the moment while using our many great products and properties on any device.

The Y! Corp Blog lists out the above and some more useful websites about the deal:

The Search Alliance home page strongly says

A powerful new choice in search is coming

The transition is supposed to be done by 2010 end or 2011 early beginning.

Our aim is a high quality transition of advertisers and partners in at least the US prior to the 2010 holiday season. However, we may wait until 2011 if we determine this will be more effective.

Watch on!

Written on February 18, 2010